“I signed up for The Motherhood Collective to learn more about myself and who I was since becoming a mother.  I needed to learn how to let go of controlling everything and feeling the need to do everything for my daughter on my own and let my partner actually in on the parenting.  There are so many things about motherhood that you go along with without really questioning “why”.  The Motherhood Collective course, and Andrea, unlock those questions and allow you to really look inward, help to shed any negativity, and become the mum you want to be.  Through this program I learned that I wasn’t the only one who was so hard on themself, and that the mental load is real and some things really do need to be offloaded and that’s okay.  Meeting with the other women weekly and hearing their stories and life experiences made me realize I’m not the only one who feels the challenges of motherhood.”


The Motherhood Collective

“Before starting The Motherhood Collective I was starting to feel like I was losing my sense of purpose and direction in life, and I didn’t know how to regain it.  I felt completely blank and anxious every day (for the first time in my life) and confused because I just didn’t know what I wanted anymore.  It was such a breath of deliciously fresh air to have a fellow mama speaking my lingo, live my experience and understand what I was feeling and thinking as I experienced motherhood for the first time, and then navigated my return to work after maternity leave.  The feeling that Andrea not only knows, but can provide me with a map to help me navigate my experiences in my own way was SO empowering.  Andrea helped to validate my feelings and taught me how to start every day with a new mindset and how to take time for myself without guilt.”  – Melissa 


The Motherhood Collective

“I joined The Motherhood Collective to find coping mechanisms and a reassurance that I wasn’t the only one that felt like they were drowning in motherhood or that I was always one step behind.  Andrea was a great asset in my journey of becoming a new working mum.  She gave me the language and tools that helped me find patience with myself during this time of adjustment and growth.  I’ve learnt that I don’t have to be Superwoman and I am much more at peace being a mum returning to work that doesn’t have to try to do it all, all of the time”.


The Motherhood Collective

“I started this program to get a better understanding of my journey into motherhood and to develop the skills to learn how to take care of myself better in this busy life.  I was feeling a big loss of my identity and was overwhelmed by motherhood before working with Andrea.  I loved being part of The Motherhood Collective program and I have learnt so much about myself as a woman and my journey into motherhood. Andrea helped build my confidence by stripping away old limiting beliefs, and showing me how to honor my needs in life and implementing regular self care to improve my mindset. Motherhood now seems less overwhelming.”


The Motherhood Collective

“I joined The Motherhood Collective when I was feeling overwhelmed as a full-time working mom.  I needed help controlling all the stress coming from different parts of my life, and a way to address the constant feelings of being overwhelmed.  Understanding matrescence and how the process of becoming a mother has impacted my experience at home and at work has helped me to let go of old stories and prioritize myself again.  Being able to meet (virtually) with other women experiencing similar challenges was key to helping me implement the tools Andrea taught us and being able to overcome my working-mom guilt.”


The Motherhood Collective

“I signed up for The Motherhood Collective because I needed a mindset shift to help guide my thoughts and feelings about motherhood.  I also wanted to connect with other like-minded working moms.  I was dealing with feelings of resentment, loss of independence and freedom, a feeling of ‘Groundhog Day’, and was frustrated with the monotony of motherhood.  Learning to be ok with “good enough” and letting go of telling myself “you should do this” has been a gamechanger and has allowed me to finally start enjoying my maternity leave with my daughter.  It was really nice to get some validation and education that all the things I have been thinking and feeling were valid!” – Desn’t have to try to do it all, all of the time”.


The Motherhood Collective

“Learning about matrescence with Andrea showed me the importance of creating space and time for myself to transition into motherhood. She taught me the value of acceptance, particularly accepting those things I cannot perfect through research and practice. Andrea showed me that to be a mum is to unabashedly live your truth, whatever that truth may look like.”


1:1 Coaching

“Andrea’s coaching is a must for every woman on their motherhood journey. I am so thankful to Andrea for giving me the language, insights and the tools I didn’t know I needed to navigate this transformative time in my life.”


1:1 Coaching

“I am currently pregnant with my first child and did not realise how many thoughts I would have about transitioning into motherhood. The biggest one was how I was going to stay me whilst also being a good mother. Andrea gave me practical tips and tricks to navigate this transitional minefield and I recommend working with her to all women at all stages of their pregnancy.”


1:1 Coaching

“Andrea has helped me see the path to my decisions so clearly. She asks questions and frames the situation in a light that empowers me to trust in my own instinct. Her intuitive decision making framework has helped me take stressful situations with family and make them digestible. The coaching Andrea offers is so valuable because it breaks down the root of what is causing the stress, helping you understand for yourself what it is you actually need and want for your motherhood journey.”


1:1 Coaching

“Andrea is an excellent coach. She truly goes above and beyond and I really looked forward to our time together. From the coaching sessions I got excellent clarity on how I can maximise LinkedIn for my small business.  Most importantly, she coached me through creating my personal and business strategy on LinkedIn and provided many actionable takeaways.  My confidence with LinkedIn has improved tremendously and I have documentation to refer back to. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Andrea as my business grows.”


1:1 Coaching

“I have worked with Andrea for years and I consider myself fortunate to have Andrea as a coach, mentor and now friend.  Andrea has a natural way of thoughtfully understanding every situation, asking the right questions and helping you find a mutually beneficial solution. She has always impressed me with her relatability, empathy and humor. She’s the best of the best and I couldn’t recommend her skills as a Career Coach more.”


1:1 Coaching

Working with Andrea 1:1 helped me learn about who I was since becoming a mother, and allowed me space to figure out what I actually wanted from my career.  Talking with her about carving out specific time to reconnect with who I was before a mom also tied in to my thoughts about the type of job I wanted to take on.  She helped me build my confidence in my own skill set and see all the ways I could add value to a company. Getting my brag bank started was a huge help! After working with Andrea, I felt more confident about what I wanted in a career and how that would be reflected in and shaped by my own family values and needs.


1:1 Coaching

“I owe my professional success to Andrea Bombino’s mentorship and guidance. I came into the corporate world as a green 22 year old. Through leading by example, honest feedback, and being an active listener, Andrea molded me into a titan of business. Since her mentorship, I have secured and negotiated job offers at incredible companies like JP Morgan Chase, WeWork, Twitter, and Instacart. Not a day goes by where something Andrea taught me is not used. I often think of what my life would look like without having met and worked with Andrea, and I can honestly say I would not be where I am today.” 


1:1 Coaching

“I started working with Andrea 5 years ago when I was fresh in a new role and industry. Learning from Andrea has empowered me to move from ‘I wish’ to ‘I am’. 

Andrea has undoubtedly been a major influence as a mentor and coach throughout my career (and personal challenges), yet more important is that she is always on the journey with me; she is invested in all the little steps along the way to greatness. 

There is no universal measure of success, but Andrea has led with vulnerability, always accommodating my unique values, personality and comfort levels to help me find my own versions of fulfillment and achievement.”


1:1 Coaching

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